Tatarstan votes for its favorite brands

12 October 2021, Tuesday


Tatar tea is a healthy drink, the systematic use of which helps to strengthen the immune system. The herbs included in its composition have a beneficial effect on the body.

Tatar tea is distinguished by the fact that berries and herbs for tea are harvested by hand in unique eco-districts of Tatarstan, preserving all the benefits and freshness. The bouquet of herbs of the southern steppes and the fragrance of flowers of the northern forests combine in the unique nature of the republic. The main uniqueness and feature of tea is the Tatar blend. It includes mint, oregano, St. John's wort, linden flowers and rosehip berries, and its basis is Indian bayh tea, which was brought to the Volga region by the Mongols.

Until now, no national holiday is complete without fragrant tea. The drink is brewed very thickly and is drunk hot with marshmallows, honey, and sugar mixed in. It is also diluted with milk to soften the bitter taste. Another feature that has been preserved to this day since ancient times is to drink tea from a special small dish - "chynayak".

Tatar tea participates in the National competition of regional food brands "Tastes of Russia". Each resident will be able to support 1 brand from 3 different regions from October 20 to November 7. Vote for what you like on the site /! Let our dishes be known all over Russia!

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