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Reports on the cases of corruption in the government agencies. With the help of this section, you can also report on cases of corruption that involve government officials of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Legal relations connected with the realization by the citizens of their right granted by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, to appeal to state and local authorities and the procedure of considering the citizens’ appeals by state and local authorities as well as by officials are regulated by the Federal Law 59-FZ of May 2, 2006 "On the procedure of considering appeals from citizens’ of the Russian Federation".

You can check the status of your appeal online by entering your personal number and password that will be issued after sending your message.

The appeal does not require an unscheduled inspection
To submit or to check the status of the appeal that does not require an unscheduled inspection
the Federal Law
of May 2, 2006 No. 59-FZ
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A message that may serve as the basis for an unscheduled inspection
To submit or to check the status of the appeal that may give rise to an unscheduled inspection. The authorization in the Unified System of Identification and Authentication is required
The Federal Law No. 294-FZ
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