Agrosila entered the top 10 broiler meat producers in Russia in 2022

20 February 2023, Monday

The National Union of Poultry Breeders has compiled a rating of Russian broiler meat producers based on the results of last year. It included the largest companies, which in total produced more than 5 million tons of meat in live weight. Chelny-Broiler LLC, which is part of Agrosila, ranked 10th with 127,000 tons of meat in live weight.

"Chelny-Broiler" is an innovative poultry complex, which is the leader in the Volga region. The enterprise includes 11 sites designed for growing more than 51 million heads per year, a unique breeding reproducer, two largest incubators in the Volga region with a total capacity of 67 million eggs per year, a chicken meat processing plant and a sausage production workshop. "Chelny-Broiler" carries out a full production cycle: from obtaining hatching eggs and hatching young animals to the production and sale of finished products to the consumer.

The poultry complex "Chelny-Broiler", which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, is one of the federal leaders in the production of poultry meat - 65% of the market in Tatarstan. In addition, in 2005, the enterprise became the first chicken manufacturer in Russia to receive official confirmation from the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan that Chelny Broiler products comply with Sharia standards and are allowed for Muslim consumption.

In 2020, it was ranked by WATTPoultry International as one of the largest broiler meat producers in Europe. Chelny Broiler annually produces over 120,000 tons of live weight meat and sells over 95,000 tons of finished products.


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