The Ministry presented a project on agro-landscape soil-protective farming system

17 January 2023, Tuesday

The Ministry held a working meeting dedicated to the implementation of the project on agro-landscape soil-protective farming system. It was attended by Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan, Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan Marat Zyabbarov, Deputy Minister Dmitry Yashin, head of Agroproekt LLC Ildus Gabdrakhmanov, heads of farms.

The implementation of the project has a huge number of advantages for agricultural producers. It will make it possible to analyze the ecological, geographical and agro-climatic conditions of an agricultural enterprise, to determine the state and prospects for the development of agricultural production, the prospects for the development of irrigation reclamation, and to conduct an agro-ecological grouping of soils. In addition, the project includes measures to protect soil from erosion, the structure of sown areas and the system of crop rotation, tillage, seed production, measures to preserve and improve soil fertility.

To date, 10 projects have already been developed in the republic. Their implementation begins this year. Another 5 projects are under development.

A special role in the projects is assigned to digitalization. Process automation tools will be implemented in several stages. During the meeting, companies producing software products were presented and spoke about the capabilities of their programs in terms of planning, operational accounting and control.
The agro-landscape system of agriculture is a complex of agrotechnical, reclamation and organizational and economic measures that are aimed at the rational and efficient use of farmland, serves to reproduce soil fertility and obtain maximum and sustainable crop yields.
The Ministry has established a commission for the approval of projects, and developed measures of state support for farms, namely:
farms are reimbursed 80% for the creation of projects of Agrolandscape farming systems;
the creation of field-protective forest plantations from the current year is provided with financial support of 95% of the costs;
within the framework of the article on mineral fertilizers, an additional increasing rate of 450 rubles / ha is provided for this year. To receive this support, the Ministry will enter into agreements for the implementation of projects with the establishment of 12 target indicators to be implemented within 5 years.
Farms that intend to implement such a project are recommended to determine the supplier of the software product before February 1. Further, before the start of sowing work (until March 30), it is necessary to develop technological maps.

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