Analytics: renewal of agricultural machinery in the Republic of Tatarstan

24 November 2022, Thursday

We are discussing a hot topic during the period of harvesting - the technical and technological modernization of agriculture.

To date, there is a negative trend, both in the Republic of Tatarstan and in Russia in general. For 2010-2021 the number of tractors and combines in the Russian Federation decreased by almost 15%.

In the Republic of Tatarstan, the largest percentage of equipment renewal is combine harvesters (2.0%), the worst indicator is for tractors (1.2%).

Equipment with GLONASS/GPS satellite navigation: self-propelled sprayers - 92% trucks - 47% combine harvesters - 43% tractors - 41% forage harvesters - 33%. More detailed statistics on vehicles and areas can be found in the new material in the Analytics section.

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