For the first time, a show of horses of the Tatar breed was held at the Kazan Hippodrome

14 January 2022, Friday

The event, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Federation of Horse Breeding and Equestrian Sports of the Republic of Tatarstan, is held with the purposes of:

 - popularization of the Tatar breed horses;

 - identification and display of the best representatives of the breed;

 - exchange of experience in breeding work;

 - development of rules for admission to competitions of horses of the Tatar breed by determining the desired color and marks.

 The division at the review was made by age and sex groups. Horses have been divided into the following categories:

 1. mares 2 years old

 2. stallions 2 years old

 3. mares 3 years old

 4. stallions 3 years old

 5. mares 4 years and older

 6. stallions 4 years and older

 The horses were evaluated by type, conformation, walk and trot.

 Dzhanibek PJSC "Tatneft" became the champion among three-year-old stallions. He is recognized as the best among all stallions of the breed.

 The best mare - Teima from the farm "Nabiullin F.M." Leninogorsk region. She also took 1st place in the ring of mares four years and older.

 The title of the best stallion of four years and older was given to Armak from the farm "Nabiullin Sh. G" of the Rybnoslobodsky district.

 The best stallion of two years old was Altyn from LLC “Plemreproductor Giniyatullin S.Sh.” Tyulyachinsky district. The best mare of two years was Palma from the same area.

 Marat Vafin was recognized as the best handler.

 Ramilya Khaliulina from the Rybnoslobodsky district was awarded for the best training of the horse.

 The winners were awarded cups and cash gifts.

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