Marat Zyabbarov visited the Zvenigovskoye enterprise in the Republic of Mari El

13 January 2022, Thursday

Today Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan, Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan Marat Zyabbarov visited the Zvenigovskoye enterprise. He was accompanied by Deputy Ministers Lenar Garipov and Rafael Fattakhov, as well as the head of the department of the Arsk municipal district Renat Gatiyatov and the head of the department of the Baltasinsky municipal district Firdaus Nabiullin.

The delegation toured the production facilities of the Zvenigovsky meat-packing plant. The guests visited a dairy, a shop for bottling water and carbonated drinks, a slaughterhouse, a cannery, a sausage shop, where they got acquainted with the full cycle of milk and meat processing.

Further, the head of the enterprise, Ivan Kazankov, presented the system of work of the Zvenigovsky livestock complex, where 212 thousand heads of pigs and 11 thousand heads of cattle are raised, a feed mill that produces about 470 tons of concentrated feed per day.

Marat Zyabbarov noted that the Zvenigovskoye association is one of the largest enterprises with a large dairy herd in Alkeevsky and Alekseevsky districts.

 “We see how the Zvenigovskoye association is actively developing in our republic, it is engaged in dairy cattle breeding, cattle fattening, crop production, technology modernization, therefore we are fruitfully cooperating with the head of the enterprise,” the minister added.


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