The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation predicted a decrease in the cost of vegetables in Russia

13 January 2022, Thursday

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation sees the prerequisites for reducing cost of vegetables after a seasonal increase in prices. The increase of prices for vegetable products in the Russian Federation at the beginning of the year is largely due to the seasonal factor and the traditional increase in imports, but a decrease in demand after the holidays will create prerequisites for reducing the cost of these products, as the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture said.

They also noted that despite the extremely unfavorable weather conditions last year, in the organized sector, according to preliminary data from the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, about 5.3 million tons of open-ground vegetables were harvested, almost at the level of 2020. 6.7 million tons of potatoes have been dug up, a record harvest of 1.4 million tons of vegetables has been harvested in winter greenhouses.


Prices for milk and dairy products also correspond to seasonal trends: production volumes traditionally decrease in the autumn-winter period, while production costs increase, which in general affects price dynamics. Meanwhile, the cost of cheese decreased by 0.3%, chicken eggs of the first category fell in price by 3.6%, and the second - by 3.3%. Also, over the past week, there has been a decrease in selling prices for buckwheat (by 1%), vermicelli (by 2.1%) and pasta (by 0.1%).

According to the ministry, the cost of pork from producers decreased by 4% over the week, chicken meat remained same, while beef and lamb increased by 0.3% and 1%, respectively.


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