How to properly grow sea buckthorn in the garden

1 December 2021, Wednesday

The deputy head of the branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Rosselkhoztsentr" in the Republic of Tatarstan, Lyubov Zanina, tells how to grow the "golden tree" correctly in your garden.

Sea buckthorn is a multi-stemmed deciduous shrub 1-3 m high. It does not like transplants, so it is advisable to immediately plant it in a permanent place. This is a very light-loving and moisture-loving plant, so the planting site should be sunny. Seedlings of two years are suitable for planting.

It is better to plant the shrub at the edge of the plot, away from the garden. To avoid diseases, you should not plant raspberries, strawberries nearby, as well as where fruit trees grew: apple, pear, cherry, apricot. Sea buckthorn is planted in a previously prepared hole with a diameter of 70 cm, the soil is fertilized with mineral and organic fertilizers, a mound is made from the ground at the bottom of the hole and the root system of the seedling is distributed over it, the root collar after shrinkage of the soil should be located at ground level. Then you need to water the seedling well, using at least two buckets of water, and sprinkle with earth.

Taking care of sea buckthorn is easy. It is important to loosen the ground, water and feed the plant, and remove dried shoots. And then the sea buckthorn will bear fruit for about 12 years.

Berries of this plant contain a rich content of minerals and vitamins. Sea buckthorn oil is valuable and in demand in the treatment of various diseases. Sea buckthorn is used not only in medicine, but also in cosmetology; sea buckthorn berries are also good for preparing various dishes.


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