A rare case: In the Mamadysh district, a cow brought triplets

17 July 2020, Friday

There are pleasant chores in the agro-industrial complex "Prodprogramma" of the Mamadysh district, where a Holstein cow brought triplets - 2 girls and 1 boy. Newborn calves are healthy, weigh 2 kg less than the norm, however, they got up quickly. Their mother recovered just as easily after giving birth - on the fifth day the cow was already giving 40 liters of milk.

Cattle breeders note that triplets for cows are extremely rare. Even twins are a rare case - about 3-5% of the total number of cases, and triplets appear in one out of 7 thousand.

But in the agro-industrial complex "Prodprogramma" they note that this is an absolutely usual situation for this economy. This phenomenon on farms of the agro-industrial complex happens every 3-4 months. Special “fitness bracelets” help determine the exact time of calving.

In total, the agro-industrial complex "Prodprogramma" of the Mamadysh district contains 25,774 heads of cattle, of which 5080 are cows and all of them are equipped with special sensors. The bracelet analyzes the behavior of the cow and, by comparing a number of indicators, determines the exact time of calving. An hour before calving time, a message is sent to the veterinarian through a special application. The veterinarian has the opportunity to arrive at the site, supervise the process and help the animal.

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