April 2020

In Tatarstan, at the Kazan irrigation equipment factory, the Kazan-based wide-angle circular sprinkler was developed and manufactured. The machine was created based on international best practices in the production of irrigation systems, and is not inferior in quality and characteristics to foreign analogues.


One of the companies operating in this difficult time is Tatagrohimservis. The structures included in the group of companies provide technological solutions not only to the agricultural sector of Tatarstan and neighboring regions, but also to some areas of agricultural production in Russia.

January 2020

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan informs agricultural producers that a special section has been created on the ministry’s website for plant managers and agronomists. Resources for sowing in 2020. Here you can find the forecast of temperature and precipitation for the growing season, study state support measures for crop insurance and offers of insurance companies, as well as get information by availability and prices of seeds, rating of seed farms and data on suppliers of mineral fertilizers.

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