Small businesses of Tatarstan received 1.2 billion rubles from the Russian Agricultural Bank for seasonal work

1 December 2022, Thursday

In 2022, Rosselkhozbank sent 1.2 billion rubles to small businesses in Tatarstan for seasonal work. Almost all funds were issued at a preferential rate.

Funds of the IFC were directed to seasonal field work, in particular, the purchase of fuels and lubricants, mineral and organic fertilizers, plant protection products, seeds, feed, and veterinary drugs.

Rosselkhozbank finances the agricultural sector of Tatarstan in a timely manner. The bank occupies the first place in the republic in the implementation of the program of preferential short-term lending. According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan, the share of the branch in the regional market for loans from the small farms is 73%.

At the same time, the bank offers farmers not only loans, but also digital tools to increase profitability. The services necessary for the successful conduct of agribusiness are collected in the Svoe ecosystem. It includes the country's largest marketplace of goods and services for agricultural producers, a leading online store for farm food, platforms for recruiting, buying agricultural tours and arranging life in rural areas. About 900 Tatarstan peasant farms are registered in the ecosystem.

Those who are just planning to start an agribusiness can study at the Farmer's School. The project is aimed at creating new financially sustainable and profitable farms, improving the efficiency of existing ones, developing and promoting the best business practices in the agro-industrial complex. For 2 streams of training, the project released 64 new farmers, now another 40 people are studying the basics of doing business.

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