The results of animal husbandry were discussed in the Vysokogorsky district

8 December 2021, Wednesday

In the Vysokogorsky municipal district, at the Asyan farm, a seminar-meeting was held on the topic "Wintering of livestock and results of livestock breeding as of 1.12.2021". It was attended by the head of the Executive Committee Ravil Khisamutdinov, specialists of agricultural enterprises, heads of farms and animal welfare specialists.

The Asyan LLC farm is one of the leading farms in the region. Today it contains 985 heads of cattle (+134 heads by 2020). This year the farm has purchased 68 heifers from Denmark. The milk yield per cow is 8171 kg. Today the gross milk yield is 12523 kg (+ 2670 kg by 2020).

 Within the framework of the seminar, Vladimir Aleksandrov, the chief zootechnician of the Asyan farm, spoke about the maintenance and feeding of cows and young cattle. He stressed that the farm uses 100% artificial insemination.

The enterprise plans to build a feed center in 2022.

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