What are the advantages of trade unions?

26 November 2021, Friday

A trade union is a public organization that unites workers who are related by their occupation and professional interests.

The presence of a trade union organization at an enterprise is a kind of quality mark, an indicator of reliability and decency, an employer's attitude to long-term and serious work with the collective. The collective, united in a trade union organization, becomes a real and legitimate social partner and support for the leader in working with people.

The main tasks of the trade union:

- Solving social issues of employees;

- Organization of a safe work process;

- Monitoring compliance with labor legislation;

- The trade union can organize sports and other leisure activities, make gifts for holidays and anniversaries;

- But the most important thing is that the trade union helps to reach agreement of the parties in the context of the requirements of workers and the employer's capabilities, takes into account the economic capabilities of the employer. It competently resolves the conflict, if it has arisen, finds a compromise, does not bring the conflict to court.

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