About 15 billion rubles will be required for the purchase of mineral fertilizers in 2022

27 October 2021, Wednesday

Today, the Ministry, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan - Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan Marat Zyabbarov, held a Zoom meeting with municipal districts of the Republic on the provision of mineral fertilizers for the sowing campaign of 2022

The event was attended by First Deputy Minister Nail Zalakov, Deputy Ministers Ildus Gabdrakhmanov, Marcel Makhmutov, General Director of JSC "Ratsin" Denis Samodurov, suppliers of mineral fertilizers. "In the President's address, the task was set to keep the volume of mineral fertilizers at the level of the current year, that is, 70 kg of mineral fertilizers per hectare. If 8.9 billion rubles were spent on the purchase of mineral fertilizers in 2021, then, taking into account prices, about 15 billion will be needed next year," Ildus Gabdrakhmanov said. The amount of mineral fertilizers directly depends on the costs required for the cultivation of crops. For example, water consumption with sufficient nutrition is 2 times less to form a unit of yield.

Representatives of suppliers provided information on prices and availability of mineral fertilizers. "Taking into account the fact that there is a tendency to increase prices of fertilizers, farmers already need to think about purchasing, and not leave this issue for a later date. Otherwise, there may be a shortage of free volumes among manufacturers," concluded Marat  Zyabbarov.

By the beginning of November, municipal districts should form and provide the Ministry with information on the need for fertilizers for each agricultural formation.

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