Population Census-2021: why it is needed and who can pass

18 October 2021, Monday


From October 15 to November 14, the All-Russian Population Census (ARPC) will be held, which was supposed to take place back in 2020, but was postponed three times due to the pandemic. For the first time, the census will be digital (responses are entered electronically) and in a hybrid format - offline or online at the respondent's choice. Residents of hard-to-reach areas of the country began to be rewritten as early as April 1, and the main stage will be completed in the fall.

The purpose of the census is to collect the most complete data about the population of Russia, about the living conditions of Russians, the level of education, language proficiency, nationality, marital status.

All residents of Russia, regardless of citizenship, as well as Russian citizens temporarily staying outside the country can take part in the census. According to a survey conducted on the eve of the census, 85% of citizens plan to take part in it. However, everyone has the right not to participate in it. In this case, the statistics will include only basic data from administrative sources - gender, age. If a person refused to answer part of the questionnaire questions, then no sanctions will follow. When processing the questionnaire, only the answers received will be taken into account.

The questionnaires are anonymous. It is believed that this way there are more chances to get frank answers. You do not need to present your passport or other documents. The anonymity rule has been applied since the 1926 year’s census.

You can identify the census taker by a special form: a scarf, a briefcase bag for a tablet and census forms, a cape with reflective elements with the logo of the All-Russian Population Census 2020. You can ask the copyist for an official certificate, which must be presented along with his passport.

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