Agricultural enterprises of the republic raised 102 thousand tons of livestock and poultry

1 May 2021, Saturday

This was reported in Almetyevsk region during the zonal seminar-meeting "High-quality feed and a solid forage base - the key to high productivity of animals." The event was attended by the head of the Almetyevsk municipal district Timur Nagumanov, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan Lenar Garipov, Head of the Main Directorate of Veterinary Medicine of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan Almaz Khisamutdinov and others.

At the seminar, the participants discussed the issues of milk production, dairy farming culture, modern technology for the procurement of high-quality feed, the impact of high-quality feed on animal productivity, and others.

Lenar Garipov made an analysis of the development of livestock industries in the republic for the first quarter of this year.

“For the first quarter, 349 thousand tons of milk were produced in the republic. Agricultural enterprises raised 102 thousand tons of livestock and poultry. In terms of the number of cows in four districts of this zone, a positive trend has been observed since the beginning of 2021. These are Bugulminsky, Aznakaevsky, Sarmanovsky and Bavlinsky districts, ”he noted.

During his speech, the Deputy Minister spoke about the state of the sheep breeding, pig breeding, milk, cattle meat production and herd reproduction rates.

“The basis of effective reproduction is accounting. Today, there are many tools that facilitate the work of reproduction specialists, as well as enable the manager to timely assess the effectiveness of their work, ”said Lenar Garipov.

Gelus Bayazitov spoke about the pace of digitalization of dairy farming in the regions of the republic.

The practical part of the seminar was held on the basis of the dairy complex Tokarlikov. The participants of the seminar visited the maternity ward and the milking parlor, and also got acquainted with the feeding ration of high-yielding cows, the experience of the DTM program and the process of preparing compound feed on the farm.

For the participants of the meeting, an exhibition of advanced technologies in animal husbandry and fodder production was organized on the territory of the house of culture in the village Kaleykino.

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