Mother of many children and a successful farmer

5 March 2021, Friday

Today, on the eve of International Women's Day, we would like to talk about how women implement their startups in the agricultural sector. One of them - an entrepreneur from Leninogorsk Elena Liorek, who in 2019 became a winner of the competition of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Tatarstan under the state program "Agrostartup", having received a grant of 3 million rubles. And in 2020, she has already implemented a business plan, selling more than 20 thousand grown poultry to consumers.

Their poultry farm is located outside the village of Petrovka, Bugulma region. There were abandoned cowsheds here. Three of them were acquired by the Lioreki spouses,two of them were reconstructed and the third was demolished due to dilapidation. Now they buy two-three-day-old chickens, grow them up to a month or two and sell them to the population. The demand is good.

“Using the grant money and investing our own funds, we purchased modern equipment: watering and feeding are automatic, the ventilation system maintains the necessary microclimate, the droppings are disposed of,” says Elena Sergeevna. - We buy compound feed, we try to deal only with reliable suppliers.

The successful entrepreneurs successfully completed their business plan for 2020: they sold 23 thousand broilers. But they understand well: this is only the beginning, and the farmer's road is not always simple.

- When we were drawing up a business plan, we were guided by the existing prices, and now almost everything - electricity, spare parts, feed, chickens, have become more expensive, - Elena shares her problems. - But there is no way back.

An example of savings is heating the farm with wood: this way is cheaper.

“We make sure that the lights are off at night - birds have rest and gain weight,” says Svetlana Baibekova.

By the way, in Petrovka, where the Lioreks recruited staff to serve the farm, many are engaged in poultry breeding.

Elena Liorek has three children, the youngest child is six months old. Entrepreneurs live in Leninogorsk, the farm is 45 km away. Elena has been selling clothes all her life. And thanks to the grant, she radically changed her life.

- Of course, a new business, especially in an unfamiliar sphere, is always scary to start, but we decided to try, - says the woman.

The plans are to buy and renovate another farm, double the poultry population and build a slaughterhouse to supply the entire Tatarstan not only with broilers, but also with meat.


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