At the "Tastes of Russia" competition, you can vote for dried duck breast in Tatar style

25 November 2020, Wednesday

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan nominated "Tartar-style dried duck breast" for the first national competition of regional brands "Tastes of Russia". It is produced at the Kausar agricultural supply and marketing consumer cooperative.

Among the dishes of Tatar cuisine, the famous dried duck "kaklagan urdek" takes a special place. It is rightfully considered the queen of the national festive table.

The finest slices of red dry-cured duck breast fillet have a rich taste and texture. For drying, the best fillet, cut by hand, is selected.

It is made from natural and fresh meat of cereal-fed ducks grown by farmers in ecologically clean regions of the Republic of Tatarstan without use of hormonal drugs and growth stimulants.

Thanks to the combination of an original traditional recipe and modern technologies, dry-cured fillet has all the useful properties of dried meat: it contains a lot of proteins, vitamins and microelements - and necessarily corresponds to the halal traditions.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan recalls that a popular vote was organized on the Tastes of Russia website from November 19 to December 2.

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