A pumpkin weighing 40 kg will be brought to an agricultural fair in Kazan

21 September 2020, Monday

Giant pumpkins were grown in their garden by residents of Buinsky district Aydar and Milyausha Kamalovs. Fruits of incredible size were harvested in the Nizhnenaratbash rural settlement.

“The seeds of the“ Giant ” variety were bought at the store. I planted it in May, watered it, did not use any pesticides or special additives. Only 4 of all seeds sprouted, and 16 pumpkins grew, ” says the owner.

Milyausha Kamalova works in the personnel department of the Buinsknefteprodukt branch, her husband Aydar works in the Buinsk medical school. None of them expected the pumpkin to grow to impressive sizes.

“The largest pumpkin weighs 50 kg, the others -  20-40 kg, the smallest 5-kilogram pumpkin is still in the garden gaining weight,” says Milyausha Kamalova.

The whole village was interested in the rich harvest. Milyausha Kamalova plans to cook porridge, bake pies, treat relatives and friends with a giant vegetable. By the way, one of the pumpkins this Saturday will be put up for sale at an agricultural fair organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Tatarstan!

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