Musabai Agricultural Cooperative Launched a New Line of Poultry - Geese Linda

25 May 2020, Monday

Every week we write about people developing their business in the countryside, family farms and young entrepreneurs, developing their business with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan. One of them is the Khanov family.

A strong family has six peasant farms - a real cooperative where everyone helps each other. About 30 members work in "Musabai". They realize a live bird. These are laying hens, Mularda ducks, broiler ducklings, broiler chickens and now Linda goslings.

A new line of poultry, Geese Linda, has been launched in Khanov's family farm group In the farm “Hamadishyn”, which is a part of the cooperative. They are engaged in incubation and parent livestock. And goslings are growing up and are already on sell starting from the day old. Note that the Linda geese boast excellent genetics, so the survival rate of young animals reaches 90%. The main distinguishing characteristics among other breeds of geese are fast mass gain, decorative appearance and large dimensions. In addition, they are friendly and peaceful.

And the Mularda ducks are very productive. At 5 months, they are practically compared with geese and weigh about 7 kg. They have excellent immunity. Their meat contains about 3% fat and has a unique juicy taste. In terms of nutritional properties and caloric content, it is often compared with young beef meat.

The Khanov family received a subsidy from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan for a family farm of 20 million rubles by the State program "Development of family livestock farms". They reconstructed an abandoned pig farm in New Musabai - after a major overhaul, they built a poultry farm for 560 thousand birds!

“I came to the village on maternity leave,” Aigul Khanova admits. - And one day I found out: not far from the parent village of Kalinino, in Bikliani, an abandoned farm was put up for sale. We arrived in Biklian with my sister Gulnara, with my father and mother. By this moment, having lived for some time in the village, I already realized I was staying there. This all is mine: the village, nature, bird twitter, farm smells. And - the big friendly family of the Khanovs: father with mother, sisters, numerous nephews. And there was such a chance ...

Aygul took advantage of the chance in 2015 with her sister Gulnara. Each registered her own farm, and began to restore the farm, to engage in its reconstruction together with their parents. It wasn’t easy but the sisters and their husbands put the farm on its feet. Today, six buildings are filled with juvenile birds.

You can buy live grown birds in 5 settlements of Tatarstan: the village of Novy Musabai, s. Biklyan, village Kalinino, state farm "Tatarstan" of ukaevsky district and in Verkhnyie Pinyachi, Zainsky District, tel.: 8 (960) 088-19-19.

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