News from the fields: Sowing spring wheat and barley completed in 3 regions of Tatarstan

13 May 2020, Wednesday

The sowing campaign is in full swing. The farmers of the republic try not to miss a single free minute.

Of the upcoming volumes of spring sowing (1.8 million hectares), 1368.5 thousand hectares were already sown, which is 77% of the forecast.

Of these, spring and legumes - 915.3 thousand ha

spring wheat - 329.1 thousand ha

corn for grain - 35.6 thousand ha

potatoes - 0.5 thousand ha

rapeseed - 57.1 thousand ha

sugar beet - 48 thousand ha

Sunflower - 95.2 thousand ha.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan, the highest sowing rate at Zainsky district is 97%, and the lowest is 42% in Agryzsky district. To date, sowing of spring wheat and barley has been completed in Aktanyshsky, Apastovsky and Spassky districts.

Spring wheat is sown in Aznakaevsky, Alkeevsky, Buinsky and Zainsky districts. At the finish line of the landowner are Mamadyshsky, Nizhnekamsky, Nurlatsky, Tukaevsky, Yutazinsky, Alekseevsky, Zelenodolsky, Chistopolsky, Tetyushsky and Kaybitsky districts.

Barley is sown by farmers of Almetyevsk, Bavlinsky, Verkhneuslonsky, Yelabuzhsky, Kama-Ustinsky, Menzelinsky, Nizhnekamsky, Nurlatsky, Pestrechinsky, Sarmanovsky, Cheremshansky, Chistopolsky and Yutazinsky areas. Sabinsky, Arsky, Leninogorsk, Novosheshminsky, Aksubaevsky, Drozhzhanovsky, Mamadyshsky, Zelenodolsky, Zainsky, Alkeevsky, Atninsky, Buinsky, Kaybitsky, Muslyumovsky, Tetyushsky and Vysokogorsky areas are to finish soon.

The farmers of Apastovsky, Bugulminsky, Buinsky, Drozhzhanovsky, Zainsky, Kaybitsky, Menzelinsky, Nizhnekamsky, Sarmanovsky, Tetyushsky and Tukaevsky districts continue sowing sugar beets.

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