Land reclamators of Tatarstan won five medals at the main agricultural exhibition "Golden Autumn - 2019" in Moscow

12 October 2019, Saturday

The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia highly appreciated the work of land reclamators of Tatarstan. They received five medals of various denominations at the 21st All-Russian agricultural exhibition Golden Autumn 2019.

The round table “Development Strategy of the Land Reclamation Complex of the Russian Federation” as part of the business events of the agro-industrial exhibition organized by the Department of Land Reclamation of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia from Tatarstan was attended by the General Director of Tatmelioratsiya Trust Company Rustem Sungatullin and the Director of the Tatmeliovodkhoz Management Mars Khismatullin.

In the competition “For achieving high indicators in the development of land reclamation”, the Tatmeliovodkhoz Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, which was awarded a gold medal for creating the necessary conditions for efficient agricultural production in the reclaimed lands of the Republic of Tatarstan, was recognized as one of the best federal institutions in Russia .

The Kazan Plant of Irrigation Equipment LLC was also awarded a gold medal “For the organization of production of the Kazanka wide-sprinkler machine“ and called the Best Domestic Manufacturer of Land-reclamation and Irrigation Equipment ”.

The moderators of the round table noted that Kazan Plant of Irrigation Equipment LLC is the most modern and equipped plant in Russia producing modern irrigation equipment, and the sprinkler produced in Tatarstan is not inferior to the leading foreign analogues in technical and operational qualities, while their cost 30-35% cheaper than foreign.

A silver medal was awarded to SPK Derevnya in the Almetyevsk district in the nomination "The best agricultural commodity producer using reclaimed land in production." Since 2017, this farm has been implementing a unique project called “Vegetable Valley”, which provides the creation of a complete infrastructure for irrigation of fields through drip irrigation with the involvement of agricultural producers as members of a cooperative for the joint production, processing, storage and sale of vegetable and fruit products. The Tatmelioration forces have designed and built a modern irrigation system for drip irrigation of crops in the economy, which allows timely and high-quality organization of irrigation of crops with a different irrigation regime for each crop, as well as fertilizing through drip irrigation.

Orsys Agro LLC of the Nizhnekamsky district and peasant farm Mustafin were awarded the bronze medal of the exhibition in this nomination. 

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