The State Duma adopted a bill guaranteeing women-villagers a shortened working day

1 July 2019, Monday

Women living and working in rural areas will be guaranteed a shorter working hours - no more than 36 hours per week. In this case, the payment will remain the same as with the full work week. The bill on this State Duma was adopted by first reading.

After the adoption of the law, women in the village will receive one more guarantee, in addition to reduced working hours. Namely, the increased payment will be obligatory, where, according to the working conditions, the working day is divided into parts.

The norm, which guarantees rural women the right to a shorter working day, is still regulated by a by-law that was adopted in Soviet times

According to the current legislation, the norms of by-laws can be applied only to the extent that they do not contradict the Labor Code. And in this case there is a contradiction, because the code provides a normal working week of 40 hours.

The bill was initiated by deputies of the United Russia faction in order to give this standard the force of the federal law so that women in the village would not stay without social protection.

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