The first spring fair of agricultural products was held in the republic

30 March 2019, Saturday

Today in Kazan and Naberezhnye Chelny there were held fairs on the sale of agricultural products, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Executive Committees of the cities. Agricultural producers of Arsk, Atninsky, Aktanyshsky, Baltasinsky, Drozhzhanovsky, Buinsky, Zelenodolsky, Pestrechinsky, Rybnoslobodsky and other regions of the republic, as well as agricultural enterprises brought products and goods. 

Trade at fairs began by the sunrise, and by 6a.m. the sites were filled with buyers. Agricultural fairs are popular among citizens, especially the older generation. Here you can buy products such as meat, fish, milk, butter, honey, sausages, cheese, eggs, potatoes, vegetables, granulated sugar, flour, etc. at affordable prices. Halal products were also presented.

The fair was inspected by the First Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan Nikolay Titov, deputy ministers and heads of the AIC divisions and specialists of the Ministry. They got acquainted with the range of products and prices. In addition, all products have been tested by veterinary services.

Nikolay Titov especially noted a fair in Kirovsky district on Batyrshina, 20. Indeed, its organization was approached not only with full responsibility, but also with a soul. Guests were greeted with songs in Tatar and Russian languages, performed live. A wide range of products was also pleasing. And the visitors, chilled in the cold today, absolutely free were treated to hot tea with rosehips and pastries. “You are probably completely frozen, come here, we have already made a tea for you”, the owners of the tent took out the customers, mostly the older generation.

Many buyers left with full bags of products and said warm words of gratitude for holding the fair. Opportunities to sell their own products were pleasing and for farmers. “It is especially pleasant to hear the words of gratitude for our work,” say the organizers, who have been already on the site since two o'clock in the morning, meet farmers, set up tents, price tags, etc.

For example, one of the farmers, who brought fresh meat for sale today, suddenly failed the scales. But even here the employees of the Ministry quickly resolved the issue, and the farmer happily continued trading. This is just one small example. In fact, such questions arise quite a bit, the organization of fairs requires a lot of work. But despite this, the work on the organization of such socially significant events will continue.

We are waiting for buyers at the agricultural fair next Saturday!

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