Marat Akhmetov says that machine-tractor parks should be prepared for planting before the 1st of April

12 February 2019, Tuesday

The potential of agricultural machinery being well repaired allows sowing campaign to be done in optimal time. In the republic more than 11 thousand tractors, 6 thousand seeders and cultivators, 650 wide-spread sowing complexes with energy-saturated tractors will be involved in the sowing campaign of 2019. It was announced by Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Agriculture and Food of Republic of Tatarstan Marat Akhmetov at a meeting in the Government House of the Republic, which was held in form of videoconferencing with all regions of Tatarstan. It was held by President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov.

“According to requirements of the ministry, all equipment must be repaired before 1st April and the machine and tractor fleet must be ready for the sowing campaign” said Marat Akhmetov.

According to the ministry, 64% of tractors, 78% of seeders, 76% of cultivators, 51% of sowing complexes have been repaired in the republic by this moment. However, there are still 3,700 tractors to be repaired, including 324 imported tractors. In Alekseevsky, Cheremshansky, Drozhzhanovsky, Alkeyevsky and Verkhneuslonsky districts less than half of tractors were restored, and farms of these municipalities should speed up.

Although about 80% of seeders have already been prepared for planting, almost 1.3 thousand units still need to be restored. “The largest number of unrestored drills remains in Drozhzhanovsky, Novosheshminsky, Verkhneuslonsky, Almetyevsky districts. Alkeevsky and Verkhneuslonsky could not repair even one fifth of their seeders,” stressed the minister.

The head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Republic of Tatarstan believes that particular attention should be paid to preparing for spring field work of sowing complexes. According to him, “its potential allows to sow up to 70% of the grain wedge,” and using them makes it possible to perform four agricultural practices in the same time, which is very important for preserving moisture during the sowing period. Of 504 complexes left, 245 need to be restored. 8 sowing complexes should be prepared for spring field work in Cheremshansk region, 9 in Alkeyevsky , and there are 11 in Spassky region .

The potential of agricultural machinery available in the republic with qualitative repair of it and rational organization of labor makes it possible to carry out a sowing campaign in optimum terms, Marat Akhmetov said.

The President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov called on agrarians for a responsible and careful attitude to agricultural machinery.

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