Participants of the "Farmer's School" studied the successful experience of horse breeders of Tatarstan

6 December 2021, Monday

The breeds and features of horse feeding, the development of equestrian sports and tourism are studied by participants of the Russian Agricultural Bank's “Farmer's School” project in the direction of “Horse breeding”. Practical lessons are also included in the program, one of which was held at the horse farm of Tyulyachinsky district.

Farmer Sagit Giniyatullin, who has been breeding horses for more than 20 years, told the participants how, starting small, he created a farm where about 300 horses are kept, including purebred Arab and English horses, ponies, and rare species of the Tatar breed.

Shamil Amagomedov from Nurlat district noted that the meeting with the leading horse breeder gave an impetus to development.

“Although we are now beginner farmers, we have already noted a number of the most important areas of work and those issues that first of all need to be paid attention to when launching a business project,” he shared his impressions.

Participants of other subgroups also undergo practical training at the leading agricultural enterprises of the republic. Thus, students in the direction of "Cattle breeding" study the features, assessment of livestock in terms of height and exterior in the agricultural cooperative of Rybno-Slobodsky district and peasant farms in Laishevsky district. Poultry farmers are currently studying the classification of breeds of poultry, as well as the biological basis of egg incubation. The third subgroup "Crop production" undergoes practical training in the basics of agronomy.

Training at the Farmer's School will end at the end of December. Based on the results of the defense of graduation business projects, the participants of the Farmer's School will receive a state diploma under the additional education program “Agribusiness of farming”. The training is carried out with the financial support of the Russian Agricultural Bank and the assistance of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan on the basis of the Kazan State Agrarian University.


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