The XXVII International Women's Conference will be held in St. Petersburg

24 September 2021, Friday

"East and West meet in St. Petersburg." Under this name, the XXVII International Women's Conference will be held.

For twenty-six years, at the initiative of the St. Petersburg Socio-Economic Institute, international women's conferences have been gathering women leaders in St. Petersburg: politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, heads of public organizations from the regions of Russia and foreign countries.

The results of the III Eurasian Women's Forum will be presented at the XXVII International Women's Conference. It will become a platform for the exchange of best practices in the development of global and digital thinking, overcoming the global crisis in the political, economic and social spheres.

The theme of the 2021 conference is "Global Challenges - Women's Response".

 Main issues for discussion:

Woman and politics. Civil society and the State.

Strengthening international cooperation to overcome the crisis.

Woman and the economy. Ways to solve recovery problems.

Woman and education. The role of women in the upbringing and development of future generations.

Strategies of well-being and health for long-term recovery from the crisis.

Representatives of executive and legislative authorities, representatives of public organizations, mass media and educational institutions, experts, heads of companies and entrepreneurs are invited to participate in the conference. All events of the conference provide the possibility of online participation.

Detailed information about the conference and the 2021 Program is available on the website

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