In Tatarstan, vegetables are sold at wholesale prices

24 July 2021, Saturday

Onions, beets – 15 rubles, potatoes-20, carrots, cabbage - 30 rubles each. Such were the prices today on the trading floor on Batyrshina Street.

There are nine such locations where you can buy products from local manufacturers on a weekly basis. In order to stabilize the situation with vegetables, the authorities of the republic decided to provide affordable prices for a certain group of goods. It was achieved thanks to the release of sellers from paying rent, cleaning and a number of other expenses.

 Such markets will operate in Kazan until the prices of vegetables in stores stabilize. In any case, the traditional autumn agricultural fairs will start in Tatarstan in September.

"The decision to organize such Saturday fairs was made by the leadership of the republic to stabilize and reduce the cost of vegetables included in the "soup set". The entire range is available here at wholesale prices, the products of the Maysky greenhouse complex are also presented — " said Nail Zalakov, First Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The fair started working from 6 a.m. and from the very opening gathered a large number of buyers. Among them there were many retraitees who noted low prices and complained about the increase in cost of products in stores.

 In total, more than 6 tons of potatoes, 8.4 tons of cabbage, more than 3 tons of carrots, 5.06 tons of onions, more than 3 tons of beets were imported for the residents of the city.

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