Bugulma Dairy Plant sells more than 3 tons of fresh dairy products at agricultural markets

20 October 2020, Tuesday

The Bugulma Dairy Plant takes an active part in the autumn agricultural fairs organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan.

“Our products are known and loved at fairs, we are famous for the fact that we continue to preserve traditions and make dairy products reminiscent of the taste of childhood. Naturalness has one drawback - short shelf life. It is agricultural fairs that allow our citizens to buy fresh and natural products at prices of the manufacturer, ”said Mikhail Mosunov, deputy director of Bugulma Dairy Plant LLC.

The assortment of production by the Bugulma Dairy Plant includes more than 40 items of dairy, sour milk products, butter and cheeses, which are traditionally in demand among the townspeople, especially the older generation, due to quality, naturalness and affordable prices. At the fairgrounds of Kazan - str. Yamasheva, Derbyshki, Naberezhnye Chelny, Bugulma and Almetyevsk, more than 3 tons of dairy products are sold weekly.

“The top of our sales is butter, people buy several packs at once. Cheese, having an inexpensive price, is made without milk fat substitutes. Smoked sausage cheese is made only from fresh natural ingredients and smoked on wood chips. Kefir is on natural live sourdough. All this is now difficult to find in convenience stores, since the main requirement of the trade is long shelf life, and unfortunately, many manufacturers have to compromise with naturalness, "added Mikhail Mosunov.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan invites residents of the republic to purchase agricultural products at affordable prices at fairs this Saturday, October 24, from 6 am. Requests for the necessary goods, suggestions and complaints can be reported to the single telephone number of the call center of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Tatarstan 8-800-444-16-70.

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