Marat Zyabbarov discussed with the heads of districts the increasing of agricultural production efficiency and measures for the smooth functioning of the agro-industrial complex

22 April 2020, Wednesday

Today, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan - Minister of Agriculture and Food of Tatarstan Marat Zyabbarov held a video meeting with the heads of municipalities and heads of agricultural departments of the republic. The topic of discussion was increasing the efficiency of agricultural production and measures for the smooth functioning of the agricultural complex of Tatarstan in the pandemic.

The Head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan said that all the elements of agricultural technology are important, but drew attention to two main areas of increasing agricultural efficiency: liming of acidic soils and management of crop formation.

Ildus Gabdrakhmanov, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan, outlined these issues in more details, noting that important tasks for the republic are: deoxidation of soils and increasing the effectiveness of protective measures. Fertilizers do not work on acidic soils; therefore, a program has been adopted in Tatarstan to subsidize soil deoxidation. The activities used to protect plants (pesticides) largely depend on the quality of water; construction and the use of mortar assemblies are recommended for its normalization.

The Minister drew attention to the most efficient use of technology and sowing in a quality and tight schedule, noting that one of the components of success is the qualification of engineers and machine operators. “Farms need to work on staff. Take Aktanysh, Yutazov as an example - they annually train all machine operators. On the basis of the Kazan Agricultural University, we annually improve the qualifications of about 150 agricultural engineers, hold engineering conferences, zone seminars, round tables and exhibitions. Today without knowledge no progress can be achieved, ”Marat Zyabbarov explained.

During the meeting, they also discussed digitalization and automatization of all processes. For field work, this gives quality, productivity, resource saving, and as a result, good yields with low cost. In addition, the Minister asked for special attention to the fire safety.

Deputy Minister Talgat Tagirzyanov reported about engineering and technical support, focusing on the inadmissibility of agricultural machinery getting to work without passing a technical inspection. In addition, he noted the importance of equipping with seeding and parallel driving systems, because the agricultural machinery without software will not be subsidized since 2021. Talgat Tagirzyanov also paid special attention to gasification issues, adding that the gasification of grain dryers allows to harvest more efficiently and in a short time.

The paramount task is the introduction of advanced technologies in dairy farming. Farms with advanced technologies already exist in Atninsky, Kukmorsky, Sabinsky, Baltasinsky, Mamadyshsky, Aznakaevsky districts. Their experience shows that the future is in new technologies.

“For this purpose, we will launch a project to create a basic economy in each municipal district with modern digital technologies. I ask you to support this project. Indeed, in the future, these farms will give a huge impetus to the development of other farms in the region as well, ”the Deputy Prime Minister addressed the heads of the districts.

This topic was opened by Deputy Minister Lenar Garipov, citing illustrative examples where the digitalization of livestock production has significantly raised indicators and lead production with much higher profitability. The heads of the districts will have to determine the pilot farms in the districts by the end of the week, on the basis of which the introduction of advanced information technologies will begin.

Marat Zyabbarov spoke about the upcoming digital transformation of the agricultural industry and urged all areas to actively participate in this work. RIVC JSC will become an assistant for the districts in this matter. The general director of the company Niyaz Khaliullin spoke about the opportunities existing today.

Speaking about the economic component, Marat Zyabbarov noted that according to the results of the 1st quarter of 2020, agricultural enterprises of the republic worked with positive dynamics, the production index amounted to 102.7%, gross output amounted to 43.3 billion rubles (in 2019, it was 42.1 billion rubles). Cash proceeds increased by 18% and reached 15.5 billion rubles.

At the end of the event, the Deputy Prime Minister drew attention to the need of organizing labor in agricultural enterprises in strict accordance with the recommendations of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

We remind you that you can contact the call center of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Tatarstan 8-800-444-16-70 on all issues of the work of the ministry and measures of state support for agricultural producers.

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