News from the districts: In Mendeleevsky district, fairs are high appreciated for meat and milk

2 December 2019, Monday

Agricultural fairs are held not only in Kazan and in large cities of the republic, but also in small cities and regions. So, the season of agricultural fairs is in full swing in the Mendeleevsky district.

Since September 14, in the city of Mendeleevsk, on the square near RDK “Yunost”, the Department of Agriculture and Food of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Tatarstan holds weekly fairs with the participation of all interested agricultural producers: private farms, peasant farms and agricultural organizations. The purpose of holding such fairs is to provide the city population with agricultural products and to support rural producers in the sale of their own products, including to citizens conducting personal subsidiary plots.

16 agricultural producers took part in the fair last Sunday. Citizens could buy beef, pork, horse meat, lamb, poultry: chicken, duck, goose and turkey; dairy products: milk, sour cream, butter, honey, potatoes, etc.

Mendeleevites are eager to buy products from the manufacturer. All types of meat and dairy products are in special demand. This week the beef meat was presented by peasant farms Taziev M.M., Mindubaev R.N., LPH Kostin D.D., private farms Shakirov R.R., pork - peasant farms Mindubaev R.N., LPH Mamaev V.I. , horsemeat meat - peasant farm M. Taziev, lamb meat - A. Zyryanov, poultry meat LPH Mamaeva V.I., LPH Nizamieva G.Sh., milk - A. Ryabov, honey - peasant farm Vasiliev O. N., KFH Antipov A.I., LPH Sagitov V.S., etc. Sales revenue amounted to 374.0 thousand rubles. Since the beginning of the year, 17 agricultural fairs have been held in Mendeleevsk, the revenue is 3.8 million rubles.

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