News from the fields of Sarmanovsky district: The steady weather created an opportunity for machine operators to use each hour effectively

19 August 2019, Monday

On August 17, the winners of the third five-day harvest were awarded in the Sarmanovsky district.

Rewarding of winners was held in three groups. This time, in the first group, the machine operator of the Sarman agricultural company Rinat Sagdatov (he was recognized as the winner in the second five-day week) again took the first place, having threshed 3767 centners of grain in a Tukano-450 combine for five days. Second place was taken by the machine operator of the Jalil agricultural company, Ainur Zakirov: he threshed 3227 centners of grain on the New Holland combine. The mechanic of the Sarman agricultural firm Damir Gainullin, who threshed 3131 centners of grain on the Tukano-450 combine, is also firmly standing in his position: as in the second five-day week, he went to III place.

Well, in the second group, I place is occupied by the mechanic of the Nurkeevo agricultural company Marat Kamalov, who threshed 3792 centners of grain on the Mega-360 combine. In general, this time in the group all the prizes were taken by the mechanics of the Nurkeevo agricultural firm. In the second place - Fanis Garipov: he threshed 2849 centners of grain in the New Holland combine, in third place - Fanis Gizdatullin, who threshed 2519 centners of grain in the Mega-360 combine. 

The championship in the third group was won by the mechanic of the Nurkeevo agricultural firm Salman Shakirov, who performed work on an area of 263 hectares, in second place - the mechanic of the agricultural company Jalil Niyaz Dautov, who performed the work on an area of 235 hectares. III place was taken by the mechanic of the agricultural company "Jalil" Nail Kiyamov: his result is 149 hectares.

The head of the district Farit Khusnullin awarded and asked not only about the progress of the harvesting work, but the mood of the machine operators.

“Under favorable weather conditions, we will finish harvesting winter wheat in the coming days,” says the mechanic of Sarman agricultural company Damir Gaynullin, “the harvest is pleasing - in the region, 40 hectares of grain are left on average per hectare.”

According to data obtained from the district department of agriculture and food, the agricultural firm "Nurkeevo" is the leader in harvesting. They plan to complete the harvesting of winter wheat in the next day or two and begin to sow this crop again.

“The good weather established in recent days has created an opportunity to use every hour effectively. I wish that in the coming days nature would be favorable to the farmers, so that they could successfully harvest the crop grown in sweat, ”said Albert Sharipov, head of the regional department of agriculture and food.

According to the operational data of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan, on August 19, 17.23 thousand hectares were threshed in Sarmanovsky district, which is 39.2% of the total number of harvested areas, 68.9 thousand tons were threshed, yield is 40 centners per hectare .

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