In Pestrechinsky district the 4th All-Russian youth festival "Skorlupino" will take place

12 July 2019, Friday

On July 20, the 4th All-Russian festival Skorlupino will be held in the pine forest of Pestretsy village. The event is organized by the NGO “Agrarian Youth Association of the Republic of Tatarstan and the executive committee of the Pestrechinsky municipal district.

The Skorlupino festival is aimed at developing domestic and inbound tourism in Russia, increasing interest in traveling around the country and developing the economy of the Russian regions.

The holiday will be opened with a bright costume parade - the carnival “The White Chicken Show” and colorful fairy tale on a historical basis with the participation of the best young artists.

For the guests of the festival, a championship on egg throwing, frying races, global egg races, as well as a host of special contests, folk games and quests, on which you can earn the festival currency “sko-cash”, will be organized on the main platform. Currency can be exchanged for branded souvenirs that will be useful when visiting the "delicious" sites.

During the event, it will be possible to take part in master classes in cooking and serving exotic egg and poultry dishes from brand chefs of Kazan restaurants, enjoy cold lemonade, herbal teas, egg cocktail, and taste meat products of Pestrechinka.

More information about the festival can be found at https: //xn--h1addjcdeggy.xn--p1ai/

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