Spring agricultural fairs start in Tatarstan

28 March 2019, Thursday

On Saturday, March 30, from 6 a.m. in Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny, in the village of Oktyabrsky, Zelenodolsk District (trade and fair complex “Novaya Tura”), traditional fairs on the sale of agricultural products and everyday food will be opened.
Citizens will be able to purchase meat, milk, cheese, butter, vegetables, honey, cereals and other farm products at discounted prices.
In Kazan this year, at the request of the residents, a new platform was organized near the residential complex "Salavat Kuper" in the adjacent territory of the "Rainbow" shopping center. The location of the remaining sites, where traditional agricultural fairs are held, is well known to citizens.
Fairs will be held at these addresses:
Aviation district - Leningradskaya street, 27 (site near the Bakhetle hypermarket);
Vakhitovsky district has a playground near the intersection of K. Tinchurin and Tatarstan streets;
Kirovsky district - st. Krasnokokshayskaya, 150/2 (site near the shopping center "Berry Sloboda") and st. Batyrshina, 20;
Novo-Savinovsky District - Kh. Yamashev Ave., 71a (site near the Bakhetle hypermarket);
Privolzhsky District - 48a, Pobedy Ave. (area in front of the Chulpan Center of Culture);
Sovetsky district - st. Agarna, 2 (open area Agroindustrial Park "Kazan") and st. Lipatov, 7 (settlement Derbyshki);
The village of Oktyabrsky, Zelenodolsk District, is a trade and fair complex “Novaya Tura”.
In addition, in Kazan agricultural products' trade will be organized on eight tent platforms: the intersection of Belomorskaya and Gudovantseva streets, ul. Dementieva, 7, st. Ilyich, 1, building 1 (Yudino), st. Sh.Usmanova, 1, st. Academician Lavrentiev, 10, st. Yu.Fuchika, 72, st. Zakiyeva, 12, intersection of Lomzhinskaya and Yu.Fuchik streets.
In Naberezhnye Chelny, fairs will be held in front of the Builder’s stadium on Gabdully Tukai Embankment, 16, in the Yuzhny agro-industrial park at 115, Ahmetshin St. and at Chulman Ave.
In the republic, spring farms will be held every Saturday until April 27.

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