Agricultural producers of Tatarstan can get preferential loans for seasonal works

4 March 2019, Monday

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan is monitoring the field of lending to the agro-industrial complex of the country during the spring field work.

The limit of subsidies for preferential short-term loans for 2019 is 734.6 million rubles. This will attract up to 11.3 billion rubles.

Subsidies are provided to the following areas:

- small forms - 146.9 million rubles;

- crop production - 411 3 million rubles;

- livestock - 58.7 million rubles:

- dairy cattle breeding - 117.5 million rubles.

The credit limit per borrower is set at 400 million rubles.

To the 1st of March 96 households registered for authorized banks applicating for 9.2 billion rubles, including 31 MHFs for 549.7 million rubles, 64 of which are for seasonal field work, 64 applications are for 6.5 billion rubles, including 24 applications from the MHF for 461 million rubles. Thus, the Agricultural Bank has received 43 applications for small and medium businesses for 4.8 billion rubles, including 17 applications of the MFH for 428 million rubles, Sberbank - 10 applications for the 316 million rubles, including 6 applications of the MFH for 26 million rubles, Ak Bars Bank - 10 applications for 1.4 billion rubles, including 1 application from the MFH for 7 million rubles, VTB - 1 application for 30 million rubles.

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