The agricultural fairs have been held in Kazan

16 October 2021, Saturday

Agricultural fairs have traditionally opened in Kazan since early morning. Here you can buy vegetable products, granulated sugar, flour, meat, fish, milk, butter, honey, sausages, cheese, eggs and other products from producers of the republic at 15 trading platforms of the city.

The site on Leningradskaya Street was inspected by First Deputy Minister Nail Zalakov and Deputy Minister Ildus Gabdrakhmanov.

"5-6 years ago, potatoes in the republic were cultivated on an area of 80-100 thousand hectares. But then there was a problem with sales. This year, the area is smaller, but we have the resources to fully meet the needs of residents. There will also be no problems with potatoes at the upcoming spring fairs," Ildus Gabdrakhmanov shared.

This year, the fairs have to import 2 times more products. If on the first fair day the volume of potato imports amounted to about 140 tons, then on the second fair day (September 18) this figure reached 270 tons.

"In the first month, we observed a huge demand, now we see that the hype has subsided. Usually about 30 tons of potatoes were delivered to this site, today 60 have been brought. The whole situation is monitored and, depending on demand, we always regulate the delivery," Nail Zalakov said in an interview with journalists.

Agricultural fairs are of great social importance. Despite the increase in prices at the beginning of October for some types of products, prices here still remain below the average.

Traditional agricultural fairs will be open until December 25.

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