Marat Akhmetov: Efforts should be directed to the most productive and high-quality cleaning

10 August 2019, Saturday

This year, the country managed to form a generally good crop not only of grain, but also of sugar beets, potatoes and corn. There are fields where winter productivity is over 70 kg / ha.

This was announced today at a republican meeting in the Government House of the Republic of Tatarstan by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan - Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan Marat Akhmetov.

The President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov held a videoconferencing meeting with all areas.

The meeting was attended by the Acting Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Nigmatullin.

The head of the Ministry drew attention to weather conditions that do not allow to conduct the harvesting in a best way. According to him, in June the region experienced a serious rainfall, and the end of July brought an abundance of moisture. Only in the 3rd decade of July fell the monthly norm,  and from 5 to 6 August, the monthly rainfall dropped out per day. In some areas - Kamskoye Ustye, Laishevo weather stations for the same day recorded a month and a half norm. “This, of course, seriously complicates the cleaning,” said Marat Akhmetov. “Today the weather resembles the end of September.”

For agrarians of the republic, the main task is harvesting with minimal crop losses. At the same time, the situation in terms of the pace of cleaning for the week has not changed much.

Thus, 158 thousand ha, or 11% of the area, were harvested in the republic. 518 thousand tons were milled. The average yield today is 32.7 kg / ha

The Minister cited data of cleaning for the last three days (from August 7 to 9) in a number of municipal districts. According to him, "the weather was almost the same everywhere, but the performance was different." During this period, 32 thousand ha, or 2.3%, were harvested in the republic.

Arsky district managed to remove 6.4%. Sabinsky also worked quite productively - 5.9% with 1.4 thousand tons of ground; Aznakaevsky - 4.6% with a hammer of 2.1 thousand tons; Sarmanovsky - 4.5% with a hammer of 2.0 thousand tons.

According to Marat Akhmetov, Agryzsky, Bugulminsky, Alekseevsky, Cheremshansky districts are close to zero in terms of cleaning. Less than 1% are in the Bavlinsky and Mendeleevsky districts.

“The current situation requires serious management of cleaning and mandatory quality control not only at the farm level, but on the whole at the scale of the municipal district and the republic,” the minister said.

In general, the republic will have to harvest winter wheat on an area of 245 thousand ha, spring wheat - 450 thousand ha, barley - 481 thousand ha, corn for grain - 52 thousand ha, sugar beets - 65 thousand ha.

“Grain prices are more likely to be more attractive to us than even in 2018. First, carry-over grain residues in the country are estimated at 10 million tons, compared with last year's 20 million tons. Accordingly, these volumes will not put pressure on the market. Moreover, a number of entities, including the Volga region, were in severe drought, ”said Marat Akhmetov.

The meeting participants discussed yield information in a number of regions. So, the Penza region - 25.1 t / ha, the Republic of Mordovia - 24.0 t / ha, the Orenburg region - 10.4 t / ha, the Ulyanovsk region - 21.0 t / ha, the Saratov region - 15.2 t / ha, Republic of Bashkortostan - 21.7 centner / ha.

Marat Akhmetov also cited data on prices for wheat of 3 classes in the Volga region: prices are indicated at 10.5 thousand rubles / t, wheat  - 9.2 thousand rubles/ t.

“We hope that these prices will stay actual,” he said. “Therefore, every ton of bread is important to us, and efforts should be directed to the most productive and high-quality cleaning.”


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