Minister's authorities

Minister powers

Minister is appointed to the post and discharged from it in order established by the Constitution of the Republic of Tatarstan (“Provision on Ministry of agriculture and foodstuff of the Republic of Tatarstan” confirmed by RT Cabinet Decree № 316 dated 06.07.2005)

• Performs general management over activity of the ministry on the basis of undivided authority and is personally responsible for implementing functions entrusted on the ministry;
• Confirms provisions on structural subdivisions of the Ministry, appoints for a post, discharges employees of the Ministry from their posts, distributes duties between deputies minister;
• Presents candidates for representation of RT agricultural and industrial complex abroad and in the Russian Federation regions to Tatarstan government for approval;
• Issues orders within his competence, organizes control for its implementation;
• Approves staff schedule, estimates of expenditure for ministry’s office maintenance within conformed number of employees, labour payment fund and budget allocations.

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