News from the fields of Zainsky District: The weather once again tests us for strength, but we can withstand it!

15 August 2019, Thursday

Changeable weather this year was a serious test for the farmers of Tatarstan. In the midst of harvest, heavy rains began. As soon as it clears up, the equipment immediately enters the fields.

Combine harvesters also went to the “swimming” along the wheat and barley fields of the Bagryazh production complex in the Zainsky district. “Just as ships sail across the seas, so our combines plow endless golden fields,” experienced combine operators philosophize. - Well, what about the weather? It tested us for strength. But we will remove everything on time and without loss. We try not to miss a single hour. "

On August 8, ten harvesters, with a minimum speed of up to three kilometers per hour, to reduce grain losses to a minimum, removed the field of PC Bagryazh. This is a field with winter wheat - its area is 250 hectares with a yield of 50 centners per hectare.

“Slowly but surely - this is exactly the principle we adhere to in our work, therefore the harvesters have such speed,” said Faudzhat Hannanov, manager of the Bagryazh PC. “Our production complex has its own grain flows and repair shops.”

According to Faujat Hannanov, their complex occupies a fairly vast area - about 11,500 hectares of land. Spring barley is sown on 2200 hectares, spring wheat is sown on 800 hectares, 1800 hectares are also given for winter wheat. A considerable area is also occupied by sugar beets - 1,500 hectares, otherwise it is in no way - this is the "company" culture of the Zainsky district. There are also industrial crops on the fields of the complex: rapeseed - on 1100 hectares and sunflower - on 600 hectares. By the way, “Bagryazh” is the only complex in the area where this oilseed crop is grown. The threshed grain is handed over to the Zainsk pickup center, ”said Hannanov.

It should be noted that the dedicated work of combine harvesters is encouraged by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Tatarstan and in the region. A few days ago, ten people received prizes among combine harvesters in the Chubukly complex.

Among the winners there are Rafis Khodzhaev and Shaikhenur Minnekaev from the Zainsky Sugar agricultural firm. On August 13, Rafis threshed 979.4 tons of grain, and Shaikhenur - 1102 tons. According to Shaikhenur, experience helps him to achieve good performance. He has been involved in grain harvesting for more than thirty years, and began as an assistant harvester with his father. The leader in terms of threshing in the region is Andrei Mitrofanov from the Zai agricultural company, he threshed 1229 tons of grain.

“It is very pleasant to realize that the work of the combiner has not lost its value. We will continue working - we must compete for eight major prizes - 100 thousand rubles each. Encourages, of course, are important, but today it is paramount to remove winter wheat and spring barley without loss, adjusting to rainy weather, ”said Shaikhenur Minnekaev.

According to operational data of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan in Zainsky District, as of August 15, 13.97 thousand hectares have already been threshed, which is 36.8% of the total number of harvested areas, 66.4 thousand tons have been threshed, and the yield is 47.5 centners per hectare.


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