The leadership of the republic in Tetyushsky region got acquainted with the work of a mobile clinic for residents of remote villages

14 August 2019, Wednesday

On August 13, the President of Tatarstan, accompanied by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan, Marat Akhmetov, examined the fields of the Tetyush region - Small Atryasy, Big Atryasy, Alaberdino (LLC "A / f" Nur "), Bolshaya Turma, village Malaya Turma (LLC “New Dawn”),  Big Bisyarino, Chinchurino, Narmonka, Specific Nechasovo, Alekina Polyana (LLC "Sodruzhestvo" HC "Ak Bars"), Zhukovo village (A / f Kolos), Bakrchi (LLC Bakrchi).

On the field of perennial grass LLC Bakrchi they hosted a meeting of Rustam Minnikhanov with the heads of households and the heads of settlements of the Tetyush region. Ramis Safiullov, the head of the region, reported on the progress of the harvesting campaign in the fields of the district. According to him, the harvesting area in the district is 43.4 thousand hectares. To date, 7.06 thousand ha has been threshed, which is only 7.5% of the harvested area. 28.6 thousand tons were harvested, the average yield is quite high - 40.5 c / ha.

The event continued by acquaintance with the work of a mobile clinic, which was created on the basis of cross-country vehicles - for the convenience of movement in hard-to-reach places and for medical examinations of citizens living in remote villages and villages of the republic, as well as a modular feldsher-obstetric center (FAP).

“During the year, we will cover the entire population with medical examinations, and the specialists who work in these mobile clinics are the best in Kazan. Therefore, I think that the population will feel care and attention, ”Rustam Minnikhanov emphasized.


For reference:

The mobile medical complex was created on the basis of the KAMAZ-65225 (6x6) car and an isothermal multi-section van with stationary partitions, a registry and 6 isolated rooms for receiving the population.

Ford Shuttle Bus minibuses are used to deliver medical personnel to the location of the mobile medical complex.

The first mobile complex was delivered in August 2019, assigned to Kazan City Clinical Hospital 7 State Healthcare Institution and sent along the route to serve the Volga regions of the republic.

Three more such mobile complexes will be delivered.

Mobile complexes "Mobile Clinic" on the basis of "KAMAZ" were purchased on behalf of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov - for a comprehensive medical examination of residents of remote settlements, for analysis (laboratory), functional diagnostics, examination by specialists.

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