The results of the competition for the selection of agricultural consumer cooperatives for the provision of grants

16 May 2019, Thursday

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Tatarstan announces the winners of the competitive selection for the provision of grants to novice agricultural consumer cooperatives. The total amount of grants was 75 million rubles.

Out of 37 agricultural consumer cooperatives admitted to the competition, 16 cooperatives in various areas of work, from processing grain, meat and milk to making mono feeds, became receivers of grants:

SSSPPK "Vysokogorsky farmer" Vysokogorsky p. Dachnoye;

SSSSK "Monokorm" Kukmorsky District, v. Yadiger;

SSPPK “Istok” Drozhzhanovsky district, Novoje Drozhzhane village;

SPSPSK "Aikorm" Tukaevsky district, the village of New Musabay;

SSSPAK "Chita" Pestrechinsky district, s.Chita;

SPPSK "Aksubay" Aksubayevsky district, s.Starie Kiyazly;

SSSPPK "Soyuz Agro" Kaybitsky district, Bolshie Kaibitsy village;

SPSPK "Artash" Sabinsky district, D. Dva field;

SKhPPSK "Duslyk" Drozhzhanovsky district, with. New Shili;

SSPPK "Chishma" Mamadysh district, s.Katmysh;

SSPK "Dominant" Mendeleevsky area, the village of Munayka;

CPSU “Rassvet” Arsky district, Arsk;

SSSPK "Farmer" Mamadysh district, Kemesh village;

ESPtitsa SPPK Mamadyshsky District, the village of Utkino;

SPPP "Nur", Sabinsky district, s.Yulbat;

SSPPK Iskra, Arsky District, s.Sredniye Verezi.

Funds in the form of grants are allocated for the development of the material and technical base of beginning agricultural consumer cooperatives and can be spent on:

- construction, reconstruction or modernization of production facilities for the procurement, storage, processing, sorting, slaughter, primary processing and preparation for the sale of agricultural products and products of its processing;

- purchase and installation of equipment for production facilities intended for harvesting, storage, processing, sorting, slaughter, primary processing, cooling, preparation for sale, loading, unloading of agricultural products, wild fruits, mushrooms and berries, as well as products of processing of the specified products, equipment of laboratories of production quality control and safety of the manufactured (manufactured and processed) products and the state veterinary-sled ary assessment (acquisition of equipment for the laboratory analysis of quality of agricultural products);

- the acquisition of specialized vehicles, vans, trailers, semi-trailers, wagons, containers for transportation, preservation during transportation and sale of agricultural products and their products;

- payment of a part of contributions (no more than 8 percent of the total value of leased assets) under equipment leasing contracts and equipment for harvesting, storage, processing, sorting, slaughter, primary processing, preparing for sale, loading, unloading and transporting agricultural products.

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