Financial support for small-size enterprises in Tatarstan stays on the same level

13 February 2018, Tuesday

Last year over 2 billion rubles were allocated for support of small size enterprises in Tatarstan. This year the financial support stays on the same level. The decision was announced by Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan – Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan Marat Akhmetov at a briefing in the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan, today.

Last year 525 million rubles were given to farmers in the form of grants, 478 million rubles were given as subsidies, 208 million rubles were given for loan servicing, 200 million rubles were allocated as subsidies for crop husbandry, 189 million rubles – for cattle breeding and 141.5 million rubles – for machinery.

Deputy Prime Minister reminded that since 2010 some funds had been allocated for partial reimbursement on keeping of milk herds on farms. In total 2.7 billion ruble have been allocated, including 359 million rubles.

Marat Akhmetov noted that in the current year the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov decided to allocate 360 million rubles in February as financial support for enterprises. “It is connected with a sharp decline of cost prices for milk. The decision will improve the present day situation. The financial support was usually given in August”, - he explained.

Thus, for those keeping 1 cow the subsidy will be 2,000 rubles, for those keeping 2 cows – 3,000 rubles, and for those keeping 3 and more cows – 4,000 rubles per cow. The subsidies will be also given to farmers keeping goats (1,000 rubles for a goat older than 1 year).

Marat Akhmetov also added that agro-industrial parks would be built in 17 Tatarstan municipal districts in order to promote sales of products. “We are going to open farm agro-industrial parks in district centers. The first one will be in Zainsk”, - he announced.

The mini agro-industrial parks will be administrated by agricultural consumers’ cooperative societies. Each mini agro-industrial park will be financed with 90 million rubles from Tatarstan budget. Administrations of municipal districts are to provide lands and to run the service lines.


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